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If you're feeling bad about your skin...

I woke up to a breakout today. I had been clear of acne for a couple weeks now, and was looking forward to soon starting treatment on my scars. All day today I felt very dejected, unmotivated, and overall depressed. Lately, I've been wishing I could go back in time to when I didn't have acne. I've been full of regret for awhile now.


After starting off the new year very poorly, I browsed the internet and read an article on Carrie Fisher responding to criticism about her aging since the original Star Wars films.

She said, "Youth and beauty are not accomplishments."


This quote really changed my perspective on my skin. It's true if you think about it.


The greatest minds and most powerful figures in history are not remembered for being beautiful or attractive, but for their actions. It's not your fault you have acne or scars. We shouldn't put models and attractive people on such a high pedestal of fame, because in reality, they've done nothing to achieve that fame.


Having good genes is not an accomplishment.


I hope this might make you feel better about your situation.





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