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Stop using acne products

I have been thinking about this for a long time to stop using acne fighting products and let the skin "rest". I rarely get pimples anymore and an idea struck; an idea where I would stop using acne fighting products. Since i rarely get pimples I have started wondering what the cause of it would be and the thought that it might be the products im using thats causing it because it might be demanding for the skin when there is no real acne to fight. 

I have even tried to not use my products as often as i do now and it worked quiet well but as soon as i got a pimple i went back to using them again.

I know that my products are working fine once there is acne to fight but right now when there barely is none i dont know. Im currently using Effaclar cleansing gel in the shower and Effaclar K or Duo afterwards depending on the circumstances. Sometimes i use a light moisturizing sunscreen lotion which works well as well. 

What are you guys opinion on this? Anyone tried this method or anything similar? What about only cleaning my face every second day instead of everyday and stop using a lotion/moisturizer afterwards?

thanks in advance fellow acne sufferers

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I think it is an interesting question. Personally, I would continue to use the products even if my skin was 100% clear unless the products caused my skin to dry excessively etc. The reason would be that even if I do not have active acne I think I would need to use the products to help prevent any acne from developing. I hope this helps.

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I think first you need to examine the cause of your acne and the condition of your skin.  I would not recommend not cleaning your face for a day, though. I use soap in the evening, but only water in the morning. Also, no matter what, even if I don't leave the house, I use sunscreen every day, that's probably the most important part of my regimen.

For me personally "traditional" acne stuff made things worse because I have dry skin. I started experimenting with diet changes to balance my hormones and went on a mostly natural and organic skincare regimen a while ago. 90% of products I use are not targeted for acne and I managed to make my acne go away completely.

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