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Protein powder and acne

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Hey there,

Since a weeks ago I have started working out in aim to build muscles. When you're pumping iron your body will want extra protein especially just after a session. 

I did some research about the proteinpowder (whey protein)I had from back in the good days before acne was a problem. Big no no. I am now reading about vegan protein such as brown rice protein, peas protein, hamp protein. Do anyone have experience with any of these vegan proteinpowders? Did it cause acne? If you have had any experience please recommend and tell me what to stay away from. And would you say all Kinds of proteinpowder is a no no? 


merry christmas and happy new year fellow mates

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Protein powder is a supplement, meaning it is just there to supplement real food to increase your protein intake. 


Aim for 1g protein per pound of body weight a day. It could be because of the dairy. But if you haven't had any problems with any other food before I'd say it's something else causing it. If you stop the protein and it goes away than you know there's something in it that's causing it.

Just eat more chicken, steak, eggs, and other things to meet your protein requirements. If you want to add muscle remember you have to be in a calorie surplus to do so. Meaning you have to eat more calories than you burn.

Protein powder isn't considered un natural either by the way. 

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Thanks for your tips. I know my way to build muscles though. I'm just thinking if there is something to take directly after a workout as a shake which is easier than bringing a steak. Just want to make it easier without taking any risks. :)

i forgot to add that I havent tried whey protein since acne occured. I read up about it and most people claim there is a connection between whey protein and acne. How it affects, i dont know, i wont take any risks. 


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Whey protein is a by-product of cheese/the cheese-making process. Dairy tends to be a trigger for acne in a good number of people, myself included. If you have noticed your skin gets aggravated by lactose products, best steer clear of whey. I have tried soy protein with no issues.

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Not all whey protein is bad actually, if you get a whey isolate powder it has almost zero lactose in it. It's worth a shot! Lactose is what you're trying to avoid for acne

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