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So I don't have acne anywhere accept for on my forehead and hairline. Ive narrowed it down to my period, bad diet. HOWEVER, i pick and i pick until my forehead looks like its raised, disgusting and ugly. I can't even make eye contact w anyone when its bad. my skin isn't that bad until i pick and i pick all the time at home. squeeze just everything even if nothing comes up. 


Does anyone have any suggestions to stop my stupid habit? its been two years and i just feel very helpless. i cry all the time because i just can't stop. I've tried everything. Sometimes i am successful but when my skin is almost clear ill just go at it again and pick at small things that turn into huge pimples. im so stupid. if anyone could help with ideas or something it would really help me out :) 

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for me I felt it was all in the mind. I had to remind myself that picking at my skin will result in it becoming worse. Once I was sure of this in my mind I did not have a strong urge to pick at my skin. It may simply be the case of mentally training yourself to say 'I am not going to pick at my skin' to help you to prevent you from actually picking at your skin.


It may be the case that when you are stressed or your skin is bothering you you have an instinct to pick at your skin. If that is the case, then please try to divert your attention. 


I hope this helps.

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