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can someone give me hope?

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For the past few days I've been feeling terrible about myself, especially since I'm 3 months on accutane and still have acne. I still have three more to go...But the anxiety and horrible feeling that the treatment wont work for me is killing me. Does anyone have any success stories, especially that involve only clearing up after the third month? Please give me some hope, I want to know that i'm not alone...I don't want this anymore

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Ok... now thats gonna sound weird, but i replied one of your posts a while back saying that i was pretty much in the same situation you were and now, once again, i'm in the same situation you are haha. The difference is that i've been on Accutane for 2 months now, instead of three. But is killing me that i haven't seen big improvements so far. I don't even know how to describe what i'm feeling right now... i think the right words are hopeless and frustrated. I feel like Accutane is always used as a last resource to treat acne, after you have tried everything you could with no success. But taking Accutane for months and still have acne is just not what i was expecting at all. It makes me think that there's absolutely nowhere to go anymore, but i guess maybe the last resource is learning to live with acne which is NOT A FUCKING OPTION at the moment. I swear to God I've tried to live with this condition but I think everyone in the acne.org community knows that acne fucks you up, mentally. And there is nothing worse than be using what is said to be a last resource and not seeing the results you were expecting. I feel your pain, trust me :unsure: i really wish you see the results you want soon!!!

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Hey ladies- I can completely understand the anxiety you're feeling! Ihateacne33, when I was on accutane, mine didn't clear until my fifth month and I can remember being terrified up till then. Even with it beginning to clear, I still got monster cysts until maybe the sixth month. Unfortunately, accutane failed for me after a year and I'm right back to where I started. I would encourage you to tell yourself you're STILL completely beautiful and worth it even with the axne. We aren't defined by our skin, even though that's what the media shoves down our throats. I still believe your skin will clear in these next few months but even if it doesn't, take care of yourself emotionally and remind yourself to be gentle with yourself 

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