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Hey, new here. Begging for some help. Absolutely cannot take it anymore. I have been suffering from acne for years. All throughout high school and college. For years now i have tried everything possible to clear my acne, from going to a derm. And getting prescription to every over the counter product possible. I have had it. I cant look in the mirror without wanting to rip my face off. I have spent easily over $1000 on products/treatments and i am so depressed. I believe i have comdeonal acne because i have small skin coloured bumps all over my face, large acne zits all over my chin and jaw line and cheeks. Bad scars from the acne. I get pretty much every type of acne but the main thing i cant ever get rid of is these tiny skin colpured bumps. There are hundreds and i look like a monster. No products work i just want someone who has had to deal with this similar situation and found a soultion to help me! Any help would be appreciated of course i just want clear skin! Im begginh for assistance. And my skin is oily. Please help. The photos are in the link https://www.shutterfly.com/lightbox/view.sfly?fid=501c1dbbd12c06093315f89dbf2f35f7#1450423369952

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I can't see your pics cause I don't have a shutterfly account. :(

If you say you've already been to a derm and tried heaps of prescriptions, for comedones most derms will prescribe a retinoid like differin or retin a etc... so have you tried that?

There are a few threads around the board about people's comedones being fungal related and they saw success with just a simple anitfungal cream. Something to look into.

I found sulfur soap really helped my comedones and all of my acne in fact, about 5 months ago, it was the best thing I had ever used. It stopped working about a month later, but hey it's something relatively cheap you could try.

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im sorry to hear your frustration
im fighting active acne for 4 years now
nothing but accutane and salycilic acid worked for me
and salycilic acid was helpful only for my clogged pores
im ending my second course of accutane and if i need more 3 courses ill take 
im done fighting acne


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If it's really that severe and your willing to risk the side effects you could talk to your derm about Accutane. It's basically the nuke of acne meds. 

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Hey sorry for the late reply but yes i have tried differin and clyndoxil gel. Alternating each night between those two and it did nothing after several months of using it except give me red and dry skin. No acne went away. Im about to try accutane im just worried about all the side effects. Anyways but yes thats how frustrated i am with it. Especially on the right side of my chin leading to my cheek the acne is bad there. My doc also gave me apprilon (oral meds) to try for a month and that did nothing. So anyone knlw what i can use thats maybe a step up from apprilon or a step down from accutane. Theres gotta be something that isint as strong as accutane that will do the job.

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Accurate seems like a huge step. It seems like your using some very heavy based chemical products. Ever tried looking into a more botanical approach??? 

I tried opening up the link to see your pictures but can't seem to

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