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Accutane aghhhhhh not working?

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hi guys I've recently signed up after my acne is getting unbearable.

about 2 years ago I was yet to have a a pimple with the clearest skin imaginable. I had fairly mild acne with a few spots and decided to take a few topical medications and duac once daily as well as tetracycline and a few others. My acne had no effect and after a long waiting list I've tried Accutane. It's been 3 months and my acne is so much worst than i started with. And as soon as I think there's a slight improvemen...BANG OUTBREAK. This has totally ruined my self esteem which has resulted in me keeping my head down and always wearing hats when I rarely go out.

im on 60mg a day and have rashes all over my arms and seriously chapped lips and have had 3 cold sores since the start of my treatment. I weigh 72kg and am 5"10 and 17 years old.

i am currently going to try dairy free as I feel this may help slightly but other than that I can't wait to have clear skin (if I ever do). 

Also I sometimes put coconut oil on my spots over night but feel this makes matters worst.

if anyone can offer any advice or tips/help I would be so grateful

many thanks! ACNE IS KILLING ME ;((((

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Wait it out. It will work. It may not diminish your acne entirely, but it will be a lot better than when you started


up the moisturizing game on your body though. The rashes can be avoided with heavy duty cream, such as cetaphil or, better yet, aquaphor. Aquaphor on your rashes and lips constantly will heal them. As for the acne, avoid the coconut oil. Just leave the accutane to do it's job and stick to a gentle cleanser

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I totally remember my days on Accutane. I remember my nose being so dry and having a major nose bleed. But what really worked for me is putting a little Vaseline on a Q-Tip and putting it in my nose, Also I would Vaseline on my lips. I was on Accutane for 10 months I want to say because I have cystic acne which drove me up the walls but  I recommend using a benzoyl peroxide facial wash with Accutane to help see some improvement. Check out my video for my daily facial routine below and I would just recommend using the facial wash I use and not the other stuff because I am passed the Accutane stage . However you could still use Benzoyl peroxide 5% alone and use it as a spot treatment which was also beneficial but everyone skin is different. But I also have sensitive and will be uploading a night routine. So subscribe and stay updated.

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Step away from the coconut oil. 

Speak to your dermatologist again.  Also - please speak to someone - a friend or your GP if you are feeling depressed.  It's very common in 17yr old boys. Don't hide away, you will feel worse. Get outside for a walk at least once a day. 

My derm recommends Cetaphil, La Roche Posay or Avene (all available in boots) for skincare. 

Just think - by summer, you could have gorgeous skin!  Some of us suffered for YEARS, you are actually lucky getting yours sorted so young! 


good luck!!



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