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Jessner peels/microderm; should i combine?

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I just had my 2nd Jessner peel last week and this time I didn't peel or really flake. I did notice that I shed a very fine layer (i was dry and "scaley" day 4).  My esthetician told me that if I'd ever like something slightly more aggresive she could do a Vitalize peel or perform microderm immediately before a Jessner peel. I'm considering the microderm before the Jessner, but I'm not sure if that would be too much for my skin. I had microderm once about 2 years ago and my skin tolerated it fine, but my skin had very tiny bumps that came up for about a week after, nothing bad and it went away without leaving a trace. 

Do you guys think it might be better to try microderm maybe a week before the peel or same day?  I don't mind spending the money if it's going to give me results. My skin is fairly clear, breakouts here and there. Mostly congested skin, minor red marks, large scarred pores and very shallow scarring and uneven texture (orange peel).

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So I had a microderm between my scheduled monthly peels. The process was very relaxing (go figure) and my skin did feel much cleaner for a few days after, but that clean feeling didn't last nearly as long as it's felt after my last few peels. After a few more peels I'll probably get a  micropeel (microderm + 7% jessner peel), but I prefer the peels. Hopefully they smooth out my skin, but regardless I think they've been helping clean up my clogged pores. Cheers. 

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