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How can I minimize the acne that comes from eating fish or treat the cysts that arise?

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So I have figured out eating even tiny amount of fish (cooked fish too) and sushi (which I had been eating a lot more of) causes horrible, painful, tender cysts all over my face that benzoyl peroxide, sulfur ointment (Mario Badescu) and topicals will not treat. They just keep getting bigger until I go get a cortisone injection. 


They hurt so much. I'll admit it, I didn't figure it out because it's not publicized but I realized when I went without eating sushi for a while it stopped. I ate a little shrimp one day this week and an oz of tuna belly five days later. Immediate cysts. 


For background, I'm 29, I have been on accutane before, and I have been on doxycycline before. I have Naftin samples, Clindamyacin....I just want to make the cysts shrink a little and stop hurting so much. 


I'll admit it, I picked one and it went from pea sized to walnut sized and infected. 


If anyone has some advice I'd be grateful. This isn't normal. I can't go the rest of my life without eating sea food, and this wasn't  a problem until this year. I don't even know what sort of specialist to ask for help.


I'm not on any medication now but topicals and my skin is crappy (scarring, blackheads, some TREATABLE cysts and papules) without the fish, but this is it. The fish brings out stuff I can't even minimize or start treating until I get to my derm. 


Someone on this board suggested Niacin to help. Is that real? Is there an anti-allergen med I can take? 

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I started going to an acne specialist 3 months ago and now my cystic acne is gone. she emphasized eating a low iodide diet. Seafood, seaweed and soy are apparently some of the highest sources of iodide. this has really been difficult for me to do since my dad is vietnamese and chinese and I eat fish sauce and soy sauce on almost a daily basis. Also, we eat seafood weekly. it sucks, but i avoided it as much as possible for the first 2 months. i followed every part of my acne specialist's protocol as much as possible and have not had a break out in over a month, not even around my period. I use to get new break outs everyday. in the last month or so I stopped following the protocol as closely and eat whatever I want. My skin still clear now, but im nervous it will get worse again. Ill just wait and see. Sorry, this didnt really answer your question, but thought it would be of interest. 

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