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breakout from accutane or foundation?

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Hello everyone. Not sure where to start really. 6 days ago I went to a dermatologist for the first time in my life. I am 17 and have had acne since I was about 15. recently it started getting quite bad. I had tried many options including basically all the over the counter medicine, 2 different types of anti-biotic, massive diet change and differin. The most effective of these methods was actually the diet change. I cut down on dairy and carbs and my acne really started to go away and the redness started to fade. This didnt last for more then a few months however and i had found myself at a derm. I got perscribed 20mg roaccutane tablets and 400mg e-mycin tablets. I am to take 1 roaccutane and 2 e-mycin tablets daily. I also went to the shop and decided to purchase some mineral foundation to hide my active acne and redness (yes i am a guy). I ended up buying nude by nature mineral foundation. I have been on the medicine for 6 days and have also been using the foundation everyday. I have noticed my acne getting quite worse. There is a lot more redness and more active pimples. My question is, is it likely that this is from the tane or from the foundation. I know people get breakouts initially from tane and if so i will have to accept it. If it is the foundation i will have to stop, although i love it so much for covering things it will be hard to do so. Thanks in advance.

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The answer is it could be either, both or just the way your skin ebbs and flows. Whenever starting a new treatment, it is best to not add in new things such as makeup .  Your skin is going to look bad on accutane- no way to usually get around it.  Drop the makeup, buckle down and let accutane do its job.  

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