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Random breakout ...bad diet or caused by antibiotics?

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I was recently on antibiotics for a sinus infection(zpack which is azithromycin for 5 days).  . I finished taking it over a week ago.  Yesterday I noticed I had a break out on my neck.  Now I do have break outs on my body but have rarely if ever had something on my neck other then a stray blemish or two.  My diet recently was awful especially the day before it appeared.  Could that have been the cause or is this a result of being off the antibiotics?  Or is this just a random break out?  Should I let these heal on their own or try to treat it?  It seems like a reaction since it seems localized....  Would spot treating with some Dead Sea salt paste  help that?  Thanks in advance.  Really trying to make some miracle happen and get rid of those...



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I've done a lot of reading on this forum to say yes it could be the antibiotic. But I can't exactly say why without potentially making false medical claims haha.

Just spot treat them, you don't wanna go crazy on the clear skin and irritate it, causing more breakouts you don't normally get. Just keep and eye on it and hopefully it won't come back.

Eat some probiotic rich foods now you have finished your anitbiotic course :D 

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Lol thanks.  Yea j just assumed that it was the antibiotic simply cause it's a spot I've never had a breakout on other then the occasional pimple or two.  The antibiotic was really the only thing out of the norm for me recently......I'm assuming that the awful eating I've been probably didn't help either but I've always been on the fence about diet and acne being related anyway.....

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