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Skin keeps peeling from makeup

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Kay, so I need to know if I have a skin condition or if I'm just cursed.


My skin overall doesn't breakout much or have too many dry spots, save for a couple little patches on my cheeks and nose. But I can usually fix that with a homemade exfoliating scrub and can keep skin pretty smooth with an aloe vera lotion. The issue is when I put makeup on. I always cleanse and moisturise my face first, and even put on a face primer before I supply foundation.


However, despite that, my face flakes, peels, and overall looks horrid once I put foundation on, no matter how much (or little) I apply, and no matter how I apply it. I've attached pics to show what I mean... I seriously need help here; my look isn't complete without foundation, since I have uneven skin tones to cover up



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My skin does this here and there, right now it's pretty bad with the onset of winter. It sucks. I use a hyaluronic acid toner mixed with water, about 10 to 1, in a mist bottle after applying foundation. That helps a lot. Spray generously, wait to dry, spray again if necessary. It doesn't disturb my makeup unless i spray too much, and it actually runs down my face. 

Another thing that helps is taking a cotton ball dipped into whatever lotion you use, and scrubbing it over your face after washing. The threads of cotton pick up the flakes (ones you can't see as well) and the moisturizer helps them loosen. 


This is the HA toner i use to make the spray: http://www.amazon.com/Hada-Labo-Gokujyn-Hyaluronic-Lotion/dp/B000FQUGXA


It's called a "lotion" is asian countries, but it's a toner. I feel like you probably know that, but hey.


Good luck

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