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Jessner peel (7%)

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After a good deal of my own internet research I decided to get a 3 layer half strength jessner peel (7%) by an aestetition. 

I chose half strength because I'm in work and school full time and didn't want to feel too embarrassed with the week of peeling. Also because I wanted to see how my skin reacted since I still get regular breakouts. 

A little background: 25 yr old female, mild acne in jr high, severe acne in hs. It's been consistent but manageable for the past 6 years, mostly hormone and lifestyle related. Eating more whole foods, staying hydrated, and limiting alcohol has helped a lot. I've been using retin-a for 7 months with decent results, but still have scarring and regular breakouts. Also very oily skin; I use at least 6-10 oil blotters a day. 

I'll be referring to the day of the peel as day one. 

Day 1-3

Skin was dry and pink but nothing very noticable. It was nice to not feel greasy. Wore makeup (everyday minerals powder foundation) day 3 and it actually looked better than usual. 

Day 4

First day back at work. Wore makeup and my skin seemed to get oilier than usual. My chin got pretty flaky halfway through the day. 

Day 5-6

Still wearing makeup for work. Skin looks dry and a touch scaly but nothing too embarrassing; day 4 was the worst as far as noticeable peeling goes.  Got a few very small pimples day 5 so I spot treated with retin-a. All but one went down. 

Day 7

Exactly one week after the peel and I'm done flaking.  My skin feels smooth and I think a little nicer. Results are not dramatic, as expected given the low strength. I have another one scheduled for 2 weeks from now. I'm going to attempt a full strength peel next time. I'm hoping that being consistent with these will give me bigger results after 4 or 5 peels. 






Day 4 flaking with makeup on 






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your skin texture is alot better and your redmarks are gone but you dont rly have acne scars atleast i cant see nothing but some enlarged pores  wich are normal and almost everybody has 
congratulations for your results!

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Thank you so much :)  I have really shallow ones that are visible in the light that cover my cheeks and forhead, and actually my pores didn't get like that until I had a severe breakout 6 years ago.  I'm hoping that the pores and remaining red marks get smaller with more treatments. 

Here's me with makeup on565a747aae06f_20151124_1223132.thumb.jpg


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On 11/29/2015, 9:25:29, Rob_X_22 said:

i get the exact same peel from retin a 0.1 gel


Yeah I've probably been about the same from retin-a; definitely costly for just flaking. But it did give me peace of mind about the full strength peel I'm doing next. Plus, even though I knew my skin would look crappy all week, I still got those nervous, "shit, now I just look worse," thoughts and had to keep reminding myself it would look better after. I might have panicked if I'd jumped straight to the full strength right off the bat. 

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its crazy i can put it on sunday night ...monday its burned peels tuesday gets tight as F ...peels wed...usually tight again and peels friday and kinda back to norm by friday ...deff helps love the tight feeling as well

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