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Can I have some help?

Im having a bad breakout ( 2 red pimples at right cheek) wich I dont understant. I never get pimples at the end of my period so this breakout is a mistery.

My diet is pretty restrictive. Im following low gycemic diet with no sugar, artificial food, dairy only once a week, no gluten and for my chronic hives I started doing a low histamin and salicylate diet. 

The foods that I eat are:

- tons of veggies everyday (kale, celery, cabbage, green salad, green beans, cauliflower, leek, brussels sprout) 

- Fats: coconut oil 2/3x week, olive oil 2x times a week and ghee 4x times a week (I cant eat to much olive oil and coconut oil because of its salicylate content) 

- 2x times a week I eat carrot 

- 4 x week organic chiken

- 3x week wild salmon or white frozen fish

- 1x week red meat 

- 1x week feta greek cheese or kefir

- 6/9x  week yolk eggs

- 2 handfuls of pumpking seeds everyday

- 2 hanfuls of soaked pecans nuts in one week

- 2x week soaked brown rice 

- 4x week soaked quinoa

- 2x week quinoa pancakes

- every 3 day I eat small amount of dark chocolate 85%

- 3x times a week I get rice milk with carob powder

- green smothies every morning

- green apples and pears once a day

- Banana twice a week 

- 2 small potatos  and 1 sweet potato a week

- one handfull of chesnut every 2 days

Thats all I eat. I tried this past week to eat a bt more of chocolate and rice milk. I also eated basmati rice insteaded of brown rice. Are those  the culprit???? I need to know Im already so depressed over my chronic urticaria. I dont have the strenght to deal with acne.

Im thinking of eliminating dark  chocolate, rice milk and replace the basmatice rice to brown rice wich I was used to eat before. Will this help?


P.s I suffer from hormonal acne, i only get bad pimples before my period and ovulation. 


Thanks for the reading. Hope someone can help me out 

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It could be the eggs or your body cant handle too many nuts. I get big red breakouts from eggs, dairy and gluten. I like your diet though and what youre eating is very healthy. Good effort. Update on acne?

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