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Can a zit forming under a scar induce collagen growth?

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I have a relatively shallow saucer shaped scar on my cheek. It's been there since last year. I got really freaked out recently because I could feel a zit forming underneathe the scar, and I was sure it was going to further damage my skin. 


However, I didn't touch the zit and it went away within three days. While it was forming, the scarred area swelled and actually made it look much better! It's been two days since it went away, but the area is still raised! Is this a gift from the heavens? Do you think the inflammation kickstarter some collagen growth? Let me know if this has happened to you.

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Depends on what kind of zit it is and what part of the skin it broke out from, I think. 

Near my cheek area (just right below my eye), I got a huge zit that burst and left a deep, jagged boxscar behind. Months later, I broke out in that same spot (a deep, huge, under the skin cyst) and it ended up replacing that boxscar with a more shallower one. The elevation from that cyst seemed to smooth it out. 

But right below my left temple, I periodically break out with a huge cyst (hormonal, menstrual-related) and it's always in the exact same spot and it's left a very deep rolling scar that only gets worse with each break out. sigh. 

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