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Yasmin making acne worse? HELP NEEDED

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5 days into my third pack of Yasmin.. really struggling to believe this pill is going to work for me now.
My skin has gotten no better  - I think it could be worse than when I first went to the doctors toget this pill for my acne, although the rest of my face is clear apart from my chin/cheeks and jawline, which ive read is hormonal acne so that must be the pill causing that?
I have never had so many spots filled with pus in my life! In the morning I have atleast 5 big spots that have to be popped as they cannot be left they are so big and red, these then stay around for about 5 days.
I don't actually know if it is worth trying a different pill at this point, as I need to be on birth control and after reading reviews I felt sure that Yasmin would work for me... obviously not.
Any advice/help anything would be appreciated as I am becoming so down about this and it's really effecting my life as I am at university and I can't enjoy myself fully.
These 2 pictures are from this morning.



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I saw your post and felt I must register to let you know that you're not alone and I think I may have the answer for you. 

I have been through exactly the same thing as you, at what seems to be the same time. I took Yasmin for three months and my acne went from bad to terrible. 

I am sad to say that not a day went by in those three months when I didn't have at least three spots. They would always be bumpy, red and painful - usually on my cheeks and jawline. 

I got so sick of it that three days before my last packet of pills (in the third month) I had had enough. I felt depressed, I didn't want to leave the house and thought screw this I quit. My skin after two weeks cleared up and I feel happy again! 

I live abroad and was initially on Lucette, until I ran out. Although, I have heard that Yasmin and Lucette are very similar - Lucette worked for me! I had clear skin weeks into taking the first Packet. I unfortunately had to make the switch to Yasmin as Lucette wasn't available abroad and the problems began then. 

I now have a year's prescription of Lucette, which I am excited to take in the new year. Unlike Yasmin Lucette doesn't affect your libido. I also felt very slim on Lucette - no sign of weight gain! 

Good luck and stop taking Yasmin - I don't think it works for you! 







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