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Forehead Acne: My 4 month battle and cure (22 years old)

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Whats up everyone. Stan here from New Zealand.

I thought I'd post my tips for forehead acne, which got pretty bad, and has lasted up until now (and still getting better).

Attached are photos. From September til Now. It never got any better, but probably worse. Until recently, I started a new routine.

(See photos for references)

I tried most things you'd read online. Lemon, juice, steaming, Silver Serum, everything. I tried over 10 face washes, and came to the realization that these are probably doing more harm than good.

As of about 3 weeks ago.

I started taking Doxycyline and applying benzoyl peroxide 5%, day and night.

What i also found very effective was SEA WATER. I went down to the ocean, and literally bottled up a few litres of sea water. Every night/morning before i showered, I poured sea water on my hands and splashed it onto my face. Sea water is natural obviously, and has some unreal effects. I found it dried my skin slightly, but every day i saw improvement.

After months of trying everything, and avoiding the doctor (because usually, my skin gets bad then comes right after a few days), I felt it was time to do something.

My suggestion is also, drink heaps of water. The last few days I have drank maybe 3 litres a day. It may seem like to much, but if you keep active and hydrated it significantly helps. I also add slices of lemon into my drink bottles. Good for Vitamin C.

Finally, once it started getting better (when there were no major red pimples etc, just light scarring) I used my dermaroller. I use it once a day to open up my skin and then wash it straight after. Don't attack your forehead with a dermaroller on really bad acne, I found out the hard way, it just spreads.

So, see my photos attached and I hope you can see my results are real from the above. And i hope they keep improving. It really has gone on for aggggges.

the photo with no month etc is as of today (12th nov). its not perfect, but we're getting there. (i hope).

Hope this may help some people. Let me know your tips/routines/progress.






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