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20yr old female here. I've always had amazing skin with the occasional zit here and there and some blackheads. Last year I started to develop a few closed comedones in the crease of my chin. I used to try to squeeze them out and they began to spread out more, very unnoticeable though so it didn't bother me since I had only a few. In September like literally overnight they started to spread rapidly in clusters all over chin area, jawline and around my lips... there were so many, about over 50. Some super tiny and others bigger. I honestly have no idea as to what could have caused them. I've never had problems with using cosmetics or anything else on my face as far as I know. I've been wearing makeup since I was 15. I used to love trying new products as my face never broke out from anything so I'm at a loss....

Before the breakout happened I was recently using/had used:

  • Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
  • Bareminerals Original Foundation (Used for more than 5 years)
  • Cetaphil Moisturizer
  • Era Organics Complete Moisturizer
  • Neutrogena Grapefruit Foaming Scrub (Used for years)
  • St Ives Apricot Scrub

Before this happened I had also stopped smoking after 5 years and began eating super healthy after a diet consisting of crap so I really wanted to see improvement in my skin but instead I got these stupid bumps from hell :/

So I went to see my Derm in October and he prescribed me Differin 0.1 gel, Clindamycin Phosphate pads & Doxycyline. Within the first two weeks of using the Differin, more clusters of tiny cc's popped up... I figured it was the purging but I'm now on my fourth week and only like 4 out of the 100 cc's have formed into pustules and popped (leaving awful PIE :c) the rest are just there.. not doing anything. I also stopped using anything that I used prior to the breakout.

Right now I am using:

  • Cerave Moisturizing Lotion
  • Trader Joe's Nourish Cleanser
  • Everyday Minerals (trying not to wear makeup though)
  • Clindamycin when I have actives
  • && the Differin at night

I also cut dairy from my diet to see if that helps.

Before Differin/Now

So I'm not really sure if the Differin is helping at all.... I'm now on my 4th week and I know it's supposed to get worse before it gets better but when you see no progress being made it's so discouraging :/ From a person who's never had skin troubles before, this is killing me.... Should I stay with the Differin? Try to incorporate a BHA/AHA? If the Differin decides to work are the all going to purge as pustules? Ugh... I'm going to have scars all over then.

What could have caused this to happen and why only concentrated in certain areas? Can it be hormonal? Fungal? Any advice would be greatly appreciated right now... Has anyone had success with getting rid of these bumps? Feeling so low :c

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Hey, went through  a situation closely to yours except i developed the acne due to a crap derm giving me a medication i was allergic to without me knowing what was in it.... Anyhow Strip it all back to the basics. Start with nothing and slowly introduce new products you want to try( only one at a time over a 2 week period) do this to monitor  your break out and to make sure nothing it causing more. If you feel extra confident provide photos of your face before and after two weeks so you have the proof right in front of you if it's working or not.  As for moisturizers, body washes etc do not get any with fragrances in them or if they are not whole made meaning if the vitiams etc in the product was made in a lab etc.  All this can affect your pores. Take out diary as it's bad for you if your having a break out it affects your body on a chemical level.  I'd write more etc but i just caught this topic before signing off to sleep got education in the morining :/.  Anyways if you want more info or anything  feel free to repost or inbox me personally i'd love to help :)

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I tried differin+doxy for 3 months and it actually made my blackheads worse. Also i recommend you dont use the st ives scrub because it is so harsh. 

It could be fungal. Try nizoral or head and shoulders shampoo on one area of your skin and see if it goes.

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I swear it's 100 %  normal. I'm on week 14 of differin and went through exactly what your going through at the start. 

How is your skin now? I'm now on week six and they still aren't budging :/ I'm so tempted to just squeeze them all out... there are so many.

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Girl's (assume so from the pictures). Try using a cream called Duca it's one of the best creams out their to treat acne and it's not harsh on your skin and is completely natural and from the earth. Also differin is usually  perscribed to people with scarring and only really reduces pore size theres nothing in it that actually kills acne it just makes your pores smaller so it's harder to get acne. thats all it is. I've been on differin for 1year and some months I know all the ins and outs so please trust me on this and don't rely solely on this product to prevent your acne. Also please stop eating dairy or red meat or try to eat less read articles about it. It's proven in many medical treatments of dairy being a main result of acne due to the milk causing horomnal inbalances  in your body also humans were never meant to actually consume dairy we were meant to get our calium from meat which you can get plenty from it.  Red meat causing the same affect and also is harder to burn off for all those fitness nuts out there :P 

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Welp. Well I went to see my derm and he extracted a few of them. He didn't even get all of the stuff out of some of them so I when I got home I had to do myself :/ Didn't make much difference anyway... cept now I have a bunch of red marks and shit. He also wants to switch the Differin to Tretinoin. I'm scared I'm going to have another bad IB... gahhh.

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On 21/11/2015, 00:53:23, LacedCandy said:

Welp. Well I went to see my derm and he extracted a few of them. He didn't even get all of the stuff out of some of them so I when I got home I had to do myself :/ Didn't make much difference anyway... cept now I have a bunch of red marks and shit. He also wants to switch the Differin to Tretinoin. I'm scared I'm going to have another bad IB... gahhh.

 Try the product out but take before and after photos  and check the difference each day to make sure your not breaking out or reacting wrong to it. Sadly your in the testing stage at the moment and you've got to learn through trial and error with your skin but atleast if you monitor your skin like this and try it only on a small area you'll be able to see what works and what doesn't work for you just don't go putting it on all your face choose a small area and observe from there.

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