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Comedonal acne

Clogged pores are the hardest things to get out.  I feel compelled to share my thoughts wiht you because i know what your going through  Ill start with my personal story. I had severe acne (no clogged pores though) in high school and went on accutane right before college and it cleared my face completely for five years.

 I was naive to think it wouldn't come back considering I was clear for 5 years and that my hormones may have changed and that I might have outgrew it.  But after about 5 years, I progressively started to get clogged pores on my face.  I didnt think much about it but within probably three months they spread to every part of my face besides my inner cheeks and mustache.  I thought it had something to do with my work because it is a dirty job with dust and stuff. But clogged pores are caused by excessive sebum production causing a bump in the skin.  I then started to get more acne pimples and my face got oily.  Clogged pores are sometimes a prelude to acne forming.  After this I could just physically feel my acne coming back and I that I had relapsed on my first accutane trial.
I went to my derm and he prescribed me Retin A called ziana and a spotter for my acne pimples.  After two weeks I went right back to him and told him I wanted to go back on accutane.  He understood why I wanted to go back on it and prescribed it to me even though I didnt have enough acne pimples on my face. He aslo told me that accutane usually doesnt treat clogged pores but that people see them fade away over time.  Im currently on my second trial of accutane and even though my face is nowhere near where I want it to be with my clogged pores, it has improved. Before this accutane trial my clogged pores were alot more present on my face, meaning they were bulging and very noticable.
 After two weeks into my trial some clogged pores started to push out for me to manually extract them with twizzers and a clogged pore removal kit I bought from amazon (highly recommend it).  For me the accutane has made my clogged pores smaller and faded some away.   It is effective at purging your face and pushing up hard puss in your pores. It has also opened the skin of my clogged pores which allows for extraction without making it inflamed as well as turning it into blackheads which are easier to extract.  With this said you NEED to extract the root( hard base that create the pus) of the clogged pore because the root will eventually create more puss forming the same clogged pore.  

The face is a fragile thing and it takes time for progress.  I dont know If you have suffered from acne beside your clogged pores but I would recommend accutane if you have or currently are.  You need to see a derm and take his/her advice but I bet they prescribe you a retinoid (retin a; or adapalene).  Accutane is a retinod as well but if you dont have acne they probbaly wouldnt prescribe it to you,  People hate on accutane but it gave me my life back and I would recommend it  to anyone even with alot of clogged pores.  These are really the only things that work and it takes time for them to clear, and clearing every clogged pores i hear is highly unlikely.  

Hormones, genetics and stress are really the only things that cause acne.  I think it is my hormones because my parents and all their family never had it.  Eating healthy/ working out/ etc very rarely does anything for serious acne/clogged pores.  People who don't have these face issues have no clue what they are talking about when they lecture people like us about making life style changes and trying this and that.  Its impossible to understand what this condition can do to a person physically and emotionally unless they have experienced it themselves.    We got hit with an unlucky stick and all we can do is treat it the best we can.              

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neutrogena stubborn acne 10% bp spot gel REALLY helps me fight mine. They just end up kind of coming to the surface perhaps due to peeling. Combined with scrubs works pretty well, and helps stop them from turning into huge inflamed crap.

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