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I'm here to explain my cycle of pain, maybe it will help you understand how to get out of yours. I will be able to give some advice in the sense of trial and error. I am a 20 year old male with moderate acne which has crippled my social life beyond belief. I was an outgoing high school student had lots of friends and female attention. Even though i had mild acne then i had so many girls and friends feeding my ego that i didnt realize how little self confidence i actually had. These days i have a job a nice home a car and all the essentials for life, well that is except love for myself, or the confidence needed to even talk to women in a way to elude to a relationship or even a date. Acne is the reason for this i've found that true confidence comes from how you feel about yourself but when people with perfect skin, smile, and body try to tell you to to just try to look at life differently they've never had to wake up look in the mirror and see all these marks and bumps on their face literally sap the life and energy out of their smile. Now i know alot of you are just like me and realize that all the things you've tried to do don't make these problems go away in fact in most cases just irritate your skin and make it worse or cost a bunch of money and make no difference. And I dare you try to not care what anybody thinks it's impossible, no matter your mindset of i don't care, one comment from someone about your skin or appearance in a negative way will ultimately eat away at you inside until your right back to where you started. I don't say all of this to hurt or upset anyone just to make my feelings as well as probably lots of other's here known that life is unfair. You may be nice, and caring, and sensitive to people but at the end of the day your going to hurt just the same as if you weren't. Call me a pessimist, or whatever you will this is my life and what i've learned about the problems i've had so far, if you feel like maybe you'd have something to contribute, or even change the feelings of myself or others on this site feel free to reply. I'm use to loneliness and nothingness now so if not at least someone else might realize that everything here stems from how you see yourself.

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