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epiduo and aczone users!?

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Anyone who is/has been on these two medications, please tell me how your experience was! I just finished week two and my skin is definitely more dry, but it's not too bad because I do moisturize and that helps. I have noticed a few new small pimples and I know that could be the initial breakout because it's pushing all the bumps under my skin, through. Just wondering what I should expect based on your experiences? if it's worth it to stick through.

I never had acne growing up, just recently I started getting breakouts quite frequently but I just consider it mild acne. My problem areas are my chin and around my mouth. So since I normally have mild acne, will this stuff possibly make everything worse in the long run? or will it actually help if i stick through it?

Please anyone who has experience on this please give me some advice!

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I don't know about aczone, but im on epiduo now and love it ! It seems to really help, but make sure to continue use even when you're clear!

aso be very careful around the eye area... THREE times i've accidentally gone too close to the soft skin under the eye and come up in a red irritated bump thats lasted a few days ;/ recovering from one now. Haha!

but stick with it! 

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