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Any help on my acne situation would be so appreciated:)

So I'm here finally posting to this site. I've spent so much time searching online for treatments and solutions. I will try to keep this short. I have lots of clogged pores that turn some turn into pimples. They are puss filled nasty pimples. I also get one or two cysts. I tried so many natural things. I went vegan for two months and my acne got worse. Recently i went to the a derm and he gave me benzamycin. I started using it on my face at night only and wash in the morning. I'd say i have very oily skin. After the first use i only began to form small pimples that would be gone the next day. After five days i stopped forming new pimples. I was so happy. It's now day 10 into using benzamycin and my pimples are returning. I just want this to be done with. I hope you guys can look at my pictures and help by telling me what i should be doing. I know my acne isn't that bad but i just can't get over it and it makes it hard for me to talk to people face to face. Ive tried to not let it get to me but i just can't and it ruins everyday for me cause I'm just thinking about my skin. I would honestly be so happy to just get rid of the clogged pores and acne around my mouth since thats the worst spot. These photos are right now. Mostly the acne is around my mouth and jaw line and cheeks right now. I won't show my back right now because i'm more focused on fixing my face first. In the sunlight i look so bad and you can see all the discoloration of my skin that you can't see in the photos. Sorry the message is so long. If you have any questions of what I'm doing please ask. thanks guys:)




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