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does exfoliation really matter to pimples?

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Since I have acne-prone skin type, having pimples is always the biggest skin concern I have. I really easily get pimples on my face even though I think I am taking care of my skin pretty well. I am using a cleanser and skin care products that are noted for good products for acne-prone skin. I spent a lot of money to buy all of them as well.. However, it's a bit less frequently, I still have some small pimples and some hidden pimples that even hurt more. When I told about this concern to my friends, they told me that I should add exfoliating to my skin care routine, however, I don't like to do it because I feel like I'm making the pimples even worse while I'm rubbing my face and over the pimples with exfoliant. Is it really important to exfoliate my face frequently? Would it be a matter for my pimples?
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I asked a similar in another thread of mine but there were limited answers. Seems the verdict is split on exfoliation.

I guess it all boils down to the individual skin type and how well it takes to scrubbing/exfoliation.

If you have areas that are pimply, then try not to scrub across them. Instead, go round them with your fingers just around the perimeter and avoid the spots directly. The other parts of the face would be getting a proper exfoliation this way without being sacrificed.
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I actually find exfoliating just causes more pimples. Having dirt and dead skin cells helps my acne. Go figure.

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Like @Convinceme  said, The verdict is really split. Some derms/doctors/researchers ect will say it's good for you others will say it's not. It also depends on your skin, So what I would do is take a gentle face wash or some RAW honey and mix it with sugar and lightly scrub your face in circular motions NOT hard because it could break the defenses of your skin. see how your skin reacts and go from there.

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Before I didn't think so, but now when I saw all this build up on my face, I had to do something about it... When you have acne it does make sense that dead skin can clog your skin especially when it's dry. What I started doing is using a really soft wash cloth every night.

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