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Hormonal acne treatment advice?

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I've been dealing with acne for about 6 years and I have yet to find something that works to clear it up for good!!
I've done blue light laser treatments and they helped, but due to it not getting to the root cause, the acne just came back. I've cut out dairy, most processed food (the only processed food i've been eating is whole wheat bread) and my sugar intake isn't very high. I noticed what I eat has had a significant change in my skin but i still get pimples and what's worse is that it's mostly cystic!! I'm currently doing BBL treatments (i've done 2 already) and the redness has gone down, but again the acne is still forming. The acne forms on the jawline and bottom cheeks, which leads me to believe it's hormonal acne, so my question is how do you deal with hormonal acne? 

Thank you!! 

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Maybe control your stress levels and things that deal with your hormones? Because stress increases higher cortisol levels which is a type of hormone that can increase acne. You could also take vitamins and pills to balance out your hormones.

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You should definitely check out my recent thread on curing hormonal acne (Hormonal Acne -- Get it under control NOW!). The findings which I have posted are all cited and proven to work. It will help you better understand the reasoning behind hormonal acne and how to get rid of it relatively quickly and easily -- you don't have to live with it! Testosterone (T) and insulin are the main  acne causing hormones and my thread will explain to you exactly how you can train your body's metabolic rate such that these hormones have minimal to no effects causing acne on your skin.  

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