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anyone else using aczone and epiduo?

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hey! so about a week ago I went to my dermatologist and she gave me samples of aczone (to use in the morning) and epiduo (to use at night). I'm using up all the samples before i spend the money on full size because I want to make sure this stuff actually works. All my life I've had clear skin, it was definitely something i really admired about myself. My skin was always normal but dry in the winter. Once I hit my twenties I would notice i'd get a little breakout around my time of month, nothing that really bothered me though. I could handle it. About two months ago though, my skin did a complete 180. Now my skin is extremely oily in my tzone and it's disgusting, I have to blot my face constantly. Ontop of that I was getting breakouts constantly, mostly around my mouth, chin and cheeks. I'd get 3 big ones, then in a week they'd clear up. I'd be happy for a few days and then 5 new ones would appear out of nowhere. 

My experience on the medications currently are kind of confused. I use the epiduo every other night because I know it's very drying and I want my skin to get used to it. I use the aczone every morning though. I started this treatment last Thursday. I am also on my time of month during this week (keep in mind). The first couple of days idk if i was just getting my hopes up but I started to see some changes. A lot of my breakouts were drying out and just becoming flat marks (easy to cover with makeup) I had no more actual acne bumps. Now I'm noticing a few more little pimples forming in my problem area (my mouth/chin). I'm not sure if it's my period or if its my "initial breakout" from the medication. Also I do use cetaphil cleanser before applying and I use cetaphil moisturizer but I find that the moisturizer is so greasy. Anyone know another dermatologist tested moisturizer that works good and doesn't make you greasy?

Please let me know how these two worked for you? or if one worked better than the other? any advice would help! i want to stick it out, I just don't want to waste months on it only to find that it's made me skin 10x worse than it was. 

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Hey I'm on aczone and differen...I just started this regimen 4 weeks ago. I personally am not seeing anything getting better. I've been breaking out more and my face is super oily. So I'm not happy right now with this regimen. But my dermatologist said I had to at least give it 6 weeks. So we'll see what happens then. 

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I just got prescribed Aczone, so we will see how it works. (I'm 34 with adult acne- cysts included)

Right now I've been using Epiduo for almost a year. I was supposed to take it with minocycline, but it made me super sick. She switched to Amoxycillin but that still made me sick. I think the antibiotics worked a little with my cysts, but I just couldn't continue. I think they made me gain weight as well.

The epiduo kind of was hit or miss- I still broke out, So I've been trying it with essential oils- I use lavender, tea tree and lemon. It makes my face burn and dry up, but it was minimizing my blemishes really fast. But I'm still getting them on my nose and forehead, and randomly on my cheeks and hairline. So I went back to the derm.

She gave me aczone to use with the epiduo. She told me to hold off on the oils until I see how the two meds react with one another and then continue with the oils if I want. (I did use the oils last night because I am going out with a friend tonight and I wanted to minimize the blemishes on my nose).

Anyway, I have my aczone samples and am picking up my prescription tomorrow. 

How is the regimen working for you? Are you still on it?

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