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Affordable UK BP Idea

As we all know, Acne.org provides the best and most affordable BP.

I live in the UK, and of course the shipping cost from the USA isn't cheap, around £30.  Once it arrives, I then have to pay an additional importation fee of £36 pounds.  Through no fault of Acne.org, this makes it excessively expensive option for a BP source in the UK.

A few years ago you could buy 2.5% BP for cheap in any pharmacists.  For some reason, all 2.5% and most of the 5% solutions were taken off the market.  10% is still easy to get, but is far too strong for anything but on the spot treatment.

Over the past year I have been experimenting with creating my own cosmetics.  My idea is to purchase the 10% BP solution and then dilute it with a very basic lotion formula to make it a 2.5% BP solution.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  I will keep you all updated on my progress. 


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Hi  modman,

I live in the UK as well. Even though 5% BP solutions were taken off locally, you can still order some from the US amazon. Simply search benzoyl peroxide 5% generic. For 3 pack (each weighs 42.5grams
it costs you around £6.50 and £3.89 for shipping if you choose AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping. So, around £10.40 in total which costs more or less the same as 3 tubes of Panoxyl 10 you get locally but milder in strength. Edited by waiyujack

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