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I'm  sixteen and female,  and I've had acne for about three years now. Nothing I do seems to help. Thankfully, it's pretty moderate, only on my checks and chin, and I can pretty well cover it with makeup, but I need a permanent solution or, if nothing else, suggestions as to what I can try. Here's what I've tried and what I'm doing now:


Sea Breeze (I was retry iignorant when I used it, though, and didn't usually wash my face before applying it.)

Benzoyl Peroxide and Salisylic Acid masks (I gooped these on my face, often without washing my face first, then went to bed.)

Various Skin products (I also started consistently washing my face at this point, mainly because I started wearing makeup.) 

Various natural remedies (honey/oatmeal/milk masks, brown sugar with lemon with honey exfoliator,  for example) 

Oil Cleansing Method--castor oil,  olive oil, and grapeseed oil (once a day, for a solid month or more)

Hydrogen peroxide (I applied it on clean skin with a cotton swab for about 5-30 minutes twice a day. I also started using moisturizers, Aloe Vera sunburn lotion/gel grapeseed  oil, and anti-inflammatory cream at this point.  I sometimes combined these and sometimes just used  them individually.)

As I used the hydrogen, I also started seriously monitoring my diet (I can elaborate,  if necessary) and took a multivitamin (though, it was super old...I'm still taking it, by the way) and changing my pillowcase at least every three days. 


In the morning, I wash my face with cerave foaming facial cleanser for normal to oily skin (I think I have combination skin, by the way), pat my face dry with a clean towel or tissue, apply about a tsp  of bottled lemon juice with a cotton ball, and go about my day or apply my moisturizing makeup (I apply as little as possible and blot it with a tissue to remove excess) first. 

In evening,  I do essentially the same thing then take my shower (I try to use warm water). 

When I think about it,  I still do the OCM (today I'm  doing it after my shower). 

Also,  I've started drinking various teas abducting out sugar and dairy where ever possible. 

I think that is everything. I'll be happy to elaborate if necessary, but please give me some ideas on what I can change or try. 

Thank y'all so so much! 

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