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Need advice for sunscreen and moisturizer.

(Probably some broken English)
I used to grow acne all over my face. It's kinda fixed after taking tetralysal 300mg for 3 months. The acne is not as bad as it used to be.
And with the treatment, I used AHA face wash, AHA skincare(It's like putting drops on my face every night, don't have to rinse.), epiduo, Duac and hydroquinone.
Since I used those things everyday, my skin become so sensitive and very easy to irritate, the dryness makes my skin so itchy too. The sunscreen I used to have, it burns me nowadays, and my face goes red for a while. And the cream I always use doesn't seem to moisture my face anymore because it's always so dry and itchy.
I don't know what kind of product I can use anymore, anyone has a skin type like me? What product you use?

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I think you have a quite sensitive skin and that you should stop taking tetralysal because of the side effects: it over dries and it damages your skin. This medecine is used for severe acne during 3 months but sometimes if it's not needed you can cut half of the treatment's duration. You should switch for another acne care product for sensitive and dry skin which will not dry your skin like the IASO Intensive Clear Booster, this one is soft and you can use it in a long term period. This is the one I use because my skin is really sensitive and a lot of acne care products damaged my skin and made my skin scratchy... Otherwise you can use the Skinmedica Acne Treatment Lotion which is soft too (I didn't try this one but a good friend recommended it to me).

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http://www.basiderm.se/sv/basiderm/oil-control-daily-moisturizer it is a very light moisturizer with sunscreen in it made for acne skin. Absolutely one of the best I have ever had, does not clog pores. The only problem is that I am unsure if you can find it in the US. 

I use this one if it is sunny outside.

http://www.laroche-posay.us/effaclar-k-3337872412233.html this one is also a killer. A superior moisturizer, never had anything like it and I can see results from one day of use.

If it is not sunny, I use this one. I find it a bit better the only downside is that it does not contain sunscreen.

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