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Best Adult Acne Prevent, Cure and Medication

The adult acne commonly happen in those people who thinking already escape scourge of acne condition from adolescent years, the adult acne can occur over individuals between ages of 25 to 35, the cause surely well define same for the acne treatment, fairly specific to adult variety.


The Blackheads

One very significant links that causing adult acne is that blackheads, which visible resulting sebum, kind of sebaceous gland secretion, that meeting air. When free flow sebum being restricted, the bacteria will be collected around area, around gland, more bacteria collected over pocket, the more pain also swelling and surely infection occur.


Common Causes of Adult Acne

Surely another causes for adult acne aside of sebaceous gland blockage, for instance, the acne that is began over third or fourth decade will be caused by hormone production, stress also by certain bad cosmetics use, in addition the acne will be found in adult women since the used of birth control pills also.


Cheese and Chocolate

Not only adult acne, any other type of acne caused by certain ingestion of chocolate and cheese, per so, fatty diet actually not being found as reason for acne, but the poor diet surely not most nutritious approach for healthy life style demand. Eliminating high fat foods surely will have huge impact over overall someone's health, specially health of the heart also circulatory system.


The Adult Acne Treatments

Since adult acne surely different by the cause also treatment from other types of acne so in case acne is result from hormones that found by the used of birth control pills, then an antibiotic which applied topically or being ingested orally surely in less or even no value at all. Skin need to be moisturized also to let it does not dry out.


The Adult Acne Medication

Best skin care products of adult acne that being found on market are containing benzoyl peroxide, for oxy products also clearasil, both also containing benzoyl peroxide, so start treating adult acne by wash out face regularly with gentle cleanser.

Multiple cleanser that surely will working good, but catapult is likely one of best, but make sure at least containing 2.5% benzoyl peroxide concentration. The 2.5% concentration is best deal, don't over dry the skin in too much medication.

Those men who suffering adult acne need to be careful from using razor, be sure to choose sensitive skin razor for preventing acne of coming back at times of shaving.

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