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Do you have other health issues besides acne?

Hi all,  If its not too personal a question i'm just wondering what other health issues people have aside from acne? Is acne just one symptom of a body that's out of balance and not functioning properly? 
When i was a teen my acne was only very mild and i would say i had perfect health. Always been very skinny but able eat whatever i liked with no issues and always energetic. As i've gotten older my acne has become worse which has coincided with a decline in health. I have energy problems - always very tired, and muscles that are weak and achey (which i did find improved taking vit d). Despite eating way healthier now i seem to have developed alot of sensitivities to foods and unable to tolerate even small amount of sugar - eg headaches or spacey feeling after eating some foods.
Maybe its just a coincidence but as my skin worsened during my 20s my overall health declined (i'm 31 now). Anyone noticed something similar? Could acne be linked to these other health issues and could there be a common cause - liver overloaded with toxins for example?

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Thankfully the only health issues I have other than acne/scarring are: 1) need glasses or contacts all the time, 2) an annoyingly high sex drive caused by having above average Free T in the blood....   I am glad though that my drive has taken a nose dive as I approach 30; it has made it much easier to get through the day.

It is also probably a given that those who have/had severe acne/scarring also have some mental health effects from it.  Be it, depression, anxiety, etc.  I have had anxiety for along time and have managed it using prescribed anti-anxiety meds, alcohol, weed, etc.  I have been off the prescribed meds for a while under a Dr's supervision and am managing with the "socially acceptable" means of dealing with stress (alcohol, pot, etc.).

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I have the energy problem too, and feel awful if I eat sugar. My energy levels are better if I cut out carbs. I don't know if it is from having kids, getting older, or what. Plus I also have anxiety and depression and I know that isn't good for the body.

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