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Eyebrow Loss and Swelling - HELP!!

I've attached pictures of my issue, I think they are pretty self-explanatory.

I took accutane for three months a couple months ago, 80mg/day.. my acne was really never that bad, I just had a couple cysts and a cool dermatologist who easily gave me accutane. Throughout the course of treatment there was a place on my left temple that was always swollen and the pimples or whatever underneath never came to a head. It made my face look asymmetrical and I hated it... lots of swelling. Some of the swelling was above my eyebrow, so I thought some type of deep deep cyst in that area was what was causing my left eyebrow to swell.

However, about a week ago—two weeks after swelling started—I noticed hair loss from my left eyebrow. In the mirror the end of it was shorter than my right. And the swelling increased, but there's almost no hair there. I don't think it's one pimple that's causing the swelling, rather, multiple in the same region.

And a few days ago I noticed a similar pattern on my right eyebrow -- I've never had serious acne in this region. Now I'm losing both of my eyebrows and I don't know what it is or what I can do. I can't see my dermatologist because I'm at college away from home. I'm basically just using cleanser on my face.. I put retin-a on my eyebrows but noticed it just made the swelling worse. In addition to hair loss and swelling (i.e., swelling on the left eyebrow), the eyebrows itch like crazy sometimes but I never scratch them because I know that would make the swelling worse. So, please note that I'm not losing eyebrows because I'm pulling at them or itching them. Please help! What is this?!






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