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Severe body acne that spreads, mucus in stool, swollen lymph nodes - what could it be?

Hello, for over a year I've been struggling with a flair up of body acne that is unlike anything I've ever had in my life.
I'm a 22 year old male. Comedones on every milimeter, lots of painful cysts and I've tried every treatment, except for accutane and nothing works.
I seriously think it's some infection, because when it first started, a year and a half ago, I had extreme fever and mucus in my stool.
It's been slowly spreading down my stomach and my ribs and down my lower back and down my upper arms. When I get a cold or a flu, the spreading speeds up. Sometimes the lymph nodes under my armpits and on my neck become painful and swollen.
It's also slowly spreading up my neck.
No antibiotics cured it permanently, even tho I;ve been on months-long therapies with 5 antibiotics so far. I've also done 2 anti-fungals with zero effect. What could this possibly be? It's utterly destroying my life.
I've been to three different dermatologists so far. They keep prescribing useless things like antibiotics that cause some improvement temporarily and then stop working or hydroxy acids or peroxide or tretinoin, none of them had any effects. I used to spend almost all my income on tretinoin for my entire upper body. Went on for 4 months, putting 0.05% tretinoin on my upper body every night. Absolutely no effect, other than some slight increase in breakouts and an empty wallet.
When I try to suggest something, they blow me off(the derms). They're always arrogant, even tho their treatments are a waste of time and money. What else can I try? I've done massive changes to my diet over the last year and a half. Cut almost all of the junk food, I don't eat sweets anymore, no chocolate, no dairy and still no effect.
I'm literally a slave to this problem, this problem defines my entire life right now. There is nothing else in my life, other than this problem. My skin is disfigured and disgusting and they can't even tell me what this is.
Has anyone ever heard of a similar case?

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