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Give up dairy

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Try giving up milk and cheese and any processed food that are made with milk or cheese.  After years of frustration, antibiotics, topicals , facials, etc, it totally worked for me. There is information on the Internet about studies linking acne to dairy consumption.

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Yeah, sometimes it seems to work. Just make sure you eliminate ALL dairy it's surprising how prevalent it is in the western diet. Chips, bread crumbs, cookies, popcorn, sauces it's everywhere!

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I tried that some time last year and it didn't do much for me either, and I was pretty strict. I even realized that non dairy creamer had dairy in it (lol what) and had stopped using that. I was pretty much eating meat, olive oil and vegetables. Nothing D:

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I've been doing this for the past few months too and have seen no difference. I re-introduced it into my diet and still saw no difference. Ugh, i kind of wished it did cause me acne so then i would know how to prevent it!

Well, at least now you can guzzle milk and consumeother dairy products to your heart's content. Imagine the smooth creamy goodness of glorious milk and yogurt cascading down your throat. Yummy!

But I digress. I used to abstain from milk a couple of years back (thought I saw some improvement but it was purely placebo). I then reintroduced milk into my diet again and had the clearest of skin for the longest of time. So, what gives?

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we are all different and all have different triggers, for me giving up gluten got me clearer but not clear, then I gave up dairy and that helped an additional amount...so much better now

but for others it's not diet it's hormonal, and others have a genetic disposition to clogging sebaceous glands

that is why this isn't easy-  but don't give up, keep a journal, keep trying things - never give up!

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but for others it's not diet it's hormonal,

The right diet takes care of the hormonal imbalance. Low carbohydrates and high unsaturated fat will keep DHT down and SHBG up. 

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