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Accutane weekly diary Female 28

So yeah, I decided to keep a weekly accutane diary. Normally I'm not really into sharing these things with people, but since I've read a lot of accutane diaries during my research on the drug, I thought why not return the favor :) So hope it's useful for someone. I'm not a native speaker, so excuse me for any mistakes ;)
I've had acne since the age of 14, and at 16 I started this 'heavy - especially for acne- birth control pill, which helped. But a few years ago I stopped taking it, because it was not allowed anymore. Then my acne came back, mainly with large bumps around my ears and on my back which are the most annoying and small pimples mostly around my mouth.

Female, 27 years old, 75 kg, dose 40 mg a day (2x 20 mg) Isotretinoine Actavis

Day 7

Side effects: virtually none. My lips got slightly dry, in a weird way, like there is a thin dry film on them.
Skin: didn't really change much.

Day 14
Side effects:
- Lips got a little bit dryer, but nothing unmanageable.
- I can feel my lower back a bit, but wouldn't really call it 'pain'. It's more like a nagging feeling.
- My scalp is getting a bit itchy, and overall my skin is a bit more sensitive
- On my stomach there are a few bumps around my navel. It's really in the 'fold' of skin if you sit or bend over. (haha can't believe I'm putting it like this ;) ) And since sit a lot at work, I think that might be the problem.
+ my face is less oily, but not yet dry, sometimes there is a little bit of flaking around my nose.
+ my skin seems to have calmed down a bit, to be honest I didn't even really notice untill I put the pictures next to each other. But overall it does seem to have improved a bit.  But I am getting some bumps on lower cheeks. (quite scared for this initial break out)




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Day 21
Side effects:
- The edge of my lips are 'ripping' in a bit when I open my mouth without having lipbalm on. But still it's OK.
- Back 'pain' has stayed the same
- Scalp has gotten more itche, and also I've developed some dandruff
- The bumps on my stomach have eased down, but they've spread across my whole stomach though.
- I've been getting some headaches, sometimes accompanied with flashing lights in my eyes, which is really annoying. Some painkiller mostly do the trick.
+ my face is now dry, and flaky, especially in the morning. Also my hair is not getting greasy any more! This feels so good, I used to wash it everyday and that didn't seem enough, now this is my third day without washing it, and it is still very fluffly :)

Overall, my little zits really are calming down, and drying out, and there don't really seem to be coming new ones. (yet :) ) The deeper cystic ones are still developing, 1 week ago, when one developed on my chin, but in the 7 days it's already popped (ok i helped a little, but not much! ) and dried out. I'm curious how it will develop further, as I had problems with cystic ones popping and filling over and over again :( Like the ones in my neck and around my ear. 
And I have the feeling that on my Tzone, all pores are trying to get rid of any filth in them. It feels smooth when i rub down my nose, but when I rub upwards it feels a bit like sandpaper. So I hope these little dots will get rid of themselves soon. It feels good though :)


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