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Best scar treatment advice, my story with cystic acne and scarring

My struggle with acne started last year when I was 19 in my first year of college. Due to a hormonal in balance I suffered from cystic acne. It was completely devestating for me, because I never suffered from acne before in my life. I went to the dermatologist and got prescribed tretinoin and minocycline (tretinoin goes directly on the skin, minocycline is orally ingested). He also gave me cortisone shots, which helped tremendously. I thought my pain with cystic acne was over, until I got scars left over from where the cortisone was injected, along with some red marks from wear cysts previously were. My self esteem dropped and I didn't know what to do to solve the problem. This summer I went to a plastic surgeon in my home town that did a Lazer halo treatment. It was around 800$. Not only did that not help, but it made it worse by giving me a bacterial infection, which resulted in more cysts. I ended up getting those treated with cortisone and had more scarring then before. I finally went to see a plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh who filled them with juvederm this summer. Not only did it help alot, but my confidence recovered. Eventually it wore off, and tonight I just got them filled with benefill for around 750$. But I was told that this would be permanent, so I am very happy. I know how horrible it feels to have scars and cystic acne. But there are solutions, I'm proud to say my face is very clear to this day and with a tiny makeup no marks are noticeable at all. :)

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This makes me nervous...I booked a Halo treatment for next week for $900. 

I'm happy for OP for finally resolving the scarring and getting your confidence back! :) I hope everyone on this board has a similar experience. 

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