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I have severe hormonal acne, but it has calmed down considerably lately and now I noticing a lot of hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks and chin which closely resembles active acne. I'm currently just trying to conceal it with BB creams (which are meant to have whitening properties), but preferably I would also like to fade it properly.

I've been prescribed and applying benzoyl peroxide nightly for at least 6 weeks now and it has improved the severity and inflammation of my acne, but i ordered AHA and BHA toners from Skin Naturals a while ago and would also like to somehow incorporate them into my skin regime to speed up the healing progress. 

Am I able to use BP and AHA products simultaneously, or will they just cancel each other out?

PS: I am also planning on starting the pill soon to combat my acne internally, but would starting both treatments have a negative outcome (eg. several breakouts from different factors - hormones and adjustment to the chemicals)?

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Hey! um I don't know about bp and aha but I do know about bp and bha (salycilic acid). I was using only bp until I found a bha product from paula's choice. I started to use them both, I first applied the bha then a moisturizer and on top the bp.. bad bad choice. my acne got really irritated and left some like bloody marks. The pus got out of my pimples but it formed into a bloodspot? So I wouldn't reccommend to use those together, maybe it will work better with the aha since that acid is not as purifying as bha.
Good luck (: 

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