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Hey guys I just wanted to share my experience and maybe help someone who was in the same boat as I was.

I was having a lot of skin problems for over a year and a half. They started a couple months after I came to college and continued to get worse until I decided to get help. I was getting a lot of those tiny under the skin bumps on my forehead (my forehead was completely covered). I started to get worried about them and went to my doctor and she prescribed me a new birth control (Diane-35, I'm female btw). This did absolutely nothing for me.
I started getting bigger pimples on my forehead which I consistently picked at. These left giant scabs that took forever to heal. Anyone who goes to sleep covered with polysporin and bandaids now how much it sucks. I tried to stop picking but new ones would come up every day.
Eventually the small under the skin bumps travelled down my face to the sides of my cheeks and chin. I could sometimes pop these and a hard, white plug would come out. These would eventually lead to pimples. 
I tried drinking a lot of water, eating vegan, trying anti-candida diets, everything. I started becoming obsessive over what I ate and put into my body, believing that it would give me a pimple. But still, every day I would wake up with at least one new pimple. Sure, my popping habit didn't help anything (I've learned my lesson now), but my face was an absolute mess. I hated leaving my room, let alone the house. I hated looking in mirrors or going shopping. I hated going out where I would see people- especially school. I became depressed, and I felt guilty over how silly the cause of my depression was. I was in a really negative place, and I truly believed that once my skin was better all of my problems would go away. 
Over this past summer I booked an appointment with both a naturopath and a dermatologist.

At my worst, it seemed like I could press on any pore on my forehead/cheek/chin and a hard white seed/grain would come out. Everything was constantly congested and clogged, and it seemed like only a matter of time until each pore would flare up into a pimple.

The dermatologist put me on:
- Tazorac (0.05%)
This is a retinol and I apply this at night before I go to bed. I found it was easier at the beginning to apply it with my lotion as it takes a while for your skin to adapt to it and for it not to be so red and irritated. I didn't have major peeling that other people report, but it was definitely really sensitive to anything with perfume in it. I wear SPF 60 with it to make sure I don't get a sunburn even though I live in Canada.
- Minocycline 50mg
I started taking 2 of these every night before bed. They're an antibiotic, so I make sure I take a probiotic every day. I have since reduced my dose to only 1 at night as my skin has cleared up.
- Clindoxyl gel 1%/5%
I put this on new pimples in the morning. I haven't been using this quite as much lately. It really helped me when I was trying to stop picking as it was nice to feel like my pimple was "being taken care of" so I didn't need to pick at it.

The naturopath:
I know some people don't really believe that much in holistic health care but I figured I'd give it a shot. The lady I saw was very wonderful and very expensive :(. She did however, give me a new face wash called Cyclic to use. It has silver in it or something. I use Cyclic Nano Pink (for sensitive skin). It really has helped me clear up. I only wash my face with it before bed time. You lather it up in your fingers and gently pat it on your face and leave it for about 5 minutes (in that time I brush and floss my teeth ect), and then wash it off gently. 
She also told me I have some intolerances to some foods- wheat, barley, pork, and cow dairy to name a few. These are the ones I am very sensitive to so I do not eat them in any way shape or form. I think this has really really helped me. I can still have goats milk (goat cheese!! you can find goat brie, goat feta ect in stores now, and can find A LOT of items gluten/wheat-free). As i was constantly experimenting with my diet before I didn't find these changes that hard to make, and I still don't find it that difficult- maybe a bit when I go to a restaurant (hate to be that annoying one). 
She also mentioned my liver isn't performing that well, and to drink Dandyblend. Its basically crushed up dandelion root. I don't mind the taste and I think it has helped with my forehead bumps.
She also gave me a lot of vitamins/supplements- I don't take these regularly but I try to.

Since making these changes my face has completely cleared up in 4 months. Its weird not hating my reflection in mirrors and being excited for social events. I definitely think the prescriptions my Dermatologist gave me helped more than the Naturopath's advice, but she helped me get all around healthier which was very much worth my time and money. I still get the odd pimple here and there and I still have red marks especially on the sides of my cheeks from the acne, but I am much happier with my skin. 
I noticed a big difference in my skin after 2-2.5 months of starting the Dermatologists regime. 

My routine:
- morning: wash with water and apply La Roche Posay SPF 60 (Helios?). Apply Clindoxyl Gel if I have a pimple
- night: wash face with cyclic (wait 5 mins), wash off and apply La Roche Posay Toleraine Super Fluid, apply Tazorac and take a Minocyclin (with lots of water)

I hope this helps someone out there!

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