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Found my cure in spironolactone

Hi :) 

I signed up here in 2008 and although have never posted, used to browse all the time looking for ways to get rid of my awful acne. 
I have finally found my cure after over 10 years of acne. I thought it would go one the teen years went but there I was in my mid 20's with my acne still.
I tried all sorts of routines (antibiotics, creams, gels, diet changes etc..)nothing worked!
I read about spiro online as they seem to use it a lot in america and thought I would go to the doctor to ask about it.
My doctor told me there was no way he could prescribe it here in the uk and it would have to be a dermatologist so referred me.
I saw her and she said I was a good candidate to try spiro and she had recently started using it. 
I am not kidding when I say I stopped getting spots the day I started the tablets. No new spots formed from day 1 and the only time I have had one or two has been when I missed a dose. 
So, I definitely recommend any women with hormonal acne to ask for it. (men can't take it as it blocks male hormones).
I hope this helps someone as it has completely transformed my life :) Pictures are before, then after. 
Chloe x




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