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High dose is the key

If you are taking supplements for Acne, I can give you a guarantee that there are supplements that do work against acne but most people take too low of a dose.

You have to up the antee like I say if you want some real results.

Omega 3 Pure over 70% concentrate capsules (without dangerous additives) So basically a nice high quality one.
Instead of recommended 2-3 capsules a day take up to 8+ for some real antiinflammatory results it really works. So about 8000mg omega 3. Omega 3 should be taken with a meal

Vitamin D3 again a supplement without additives a high quality one
Instead of recommended 1000 IU a day take a whopping 10,000 IU+ Vit d3 should be taken with meal

Zinc/magnesium - Take atleast 200% RDI of zinc which is 20mg and make sure it is GOOD QUALITY one of the best quality zinc is picolinate which is easily absorbed. Take Magnesium taurate or gluconate which is good quality organic forms and take about 300-400mg of that. Take on an empty stomach before going to bed.

Vitamin C - Take about 1000mg every day in the form of natural vitamin c with flavonoids so for example camu camu extrakt/powder. Extremely safe and good for not only immune system but againt inflammation aswell.

Vitamin B5, the master of all vitamins against Acne this really works especially if you combine it with the rest of my recommendations. Take 1000mg high quality doses twice a day. So about 2g of b5 everyday and take it with food. Trust me at dosage of 2g it is safe, side effects occur over 5g or 10g.

MSM - Take about 4000mg of pure MSM for antiinflammatory/detox benefits and take it alongside vitamin c with a meal for best benefit.

Probiotics - Optional, not sure if this helps to be honest when it comes down to Acne alone but its good for other aspects of health. Also I dont recommend taking probiotics for long periods of time (like more than 6 months) you can get excess good bacteria aswell. 

DIM High quality supplements - For women this is a miracle it reduces excess estrogen and almost guarantees a reduction in Acne but for males im not so sure since ive actually never tested this one but it has been proven to work for women.

*Just try to lower sugar and carbohydrates in your diet but dont shy away from complex carbs and eat more antioxidant rich foods Fruit/veggies. Also increase intake of good fat Avocados/egg yolks/fish/nuts/seeds etc.


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I think much much higher doses of omega 3 especially are needed as well. 
Idk about the B5. I've read here it works but once I heard I could lose my hair that was the end of that! 
I also take 10k of D3 a day but I'm not sure if it does anything.

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