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I'll skip the novel about my 15 year battle with acne and fast forward to 2015. I have mild to moderate cystic acne on the lower part of my face- mostly the chin and jawline.  In March I was prescribed Spiro by my derm, but quickly developed severe cystic breakouts. After 3 months of being miserable and peeing constantly, I gave up. There was no sign it was getting any better- and a few weeks after I stopped, my breakouts calmed down to pre-spiro level.

In August I went on Yaz (not generic). I now have the clearest skin of my life, I really can't ever remember a time my skin was this clear!!

My question is, I don't understand how spiro didn't work and Yaz did- Yaz has spiro in it (although a smaller dose).

Does anyone know why this is? I'd really love to know!! I don't want to be on BCP's forever, but I will if it's the only thing that will keep me clear!

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I suffered with mostly lower face/jaw acne for over 10 years and tried all sorts. Yaz was the last thing before I tried spiro. Yaz did nothing for the acne but the spiro has completely cleared it (first thing ever to touch it!). I guess we all just have that one thing which works with our body? 
You could book up with your doctor again and ask? They may have some alternatives which contain some of the same stuff. 

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