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Curiosity About Dermatologists

Hi guys!! :) I just really want to know how does it feel going to a dermatologist or having one?

I know that it's a common question. But this is specifically for those people who have yet to consult any dermatologist because of the fear that things will get worse or any other reason there is. 

Did your dermatologist help you clear up or did it made things worse for you?

I'm really scared to consult one, to be honest, because all the people I know who went to the dermatologist, things didn't go well for them. I saw a friend before and I know he has acne but I was shocked that his skin was so clear and just had minimal scars (I know that he was visiting a dermatologist).

But recently I saw him again and his acne came back and it became severe. I really didn't want to ask questions about what happened because I know that it is an act of insensitivity towards other people. I hope things get better for him soon, because he's such a good person. 

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My mom went to a dermatologist recently and she said it wasn't that great. They just prescribe you harsh medications for your skin and spend up your money. I personally have never gone to a dermatologist but I think a aesthetician would be better. Try it out! If it doesn't go too well, find some other alternatives for your skin problems. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Hope this helped! :)

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I hadn't been to one in 14 years, and decided to go to one at the age of 33 because nothing has gotten my face under control.  I got prescribed Clindamycin by my GP which has been helping, and he didn't seem to think I needed to see a derm but I wanted to just to get a specialist's opinion.  I was really really hoping that it would be worth it, that I would finally get the help I needed.  I didn't get as many options as I hoped. Of course, almost immediately, without considering much else, she recommended accutane.  Now my acne isn't that bad.  I get pimples, but not everywhere. It just sucks that with the oral route all there is are anti-biotics and the pain in the ass accutane.  Not just a pill you have to take, but something you have to pay to get blood tested every month.  And something that isn't even guaranteed to work and has awful side effects.

So after turning it down she said she can write a prescription for tazorac (which turns out my insurance can't cover so I'll get tretinoin instead which i the same family.)  She said to wash my face with Johnson baby shampoo instead of a BP cleanser, and use the clindamycin in the morning like I have been, and the tretinoin at night.  I'm wear about baby shampoo but I guess the gentle cleanser with acne topicals makes sense so I'm not using too much. I've yet to get the tretinoin b/c of all this insurance crap and I'm having to get it mailed.  There was some age block for some reason from the derm (max age of 29, how embarssing is that) that they had to override.  When I get the clindamycin from the GP it was so easy, I don't get why the tretinoin was so hard.

So overall, it wasn't the best experience, but I won't know for sure until I get the tretinoin and if the baby shampoo actually is a good idea.

Was definitely hoping for more than just a quick jump to accutane and one topical. 

I'm debating about the idea of getting an appointment with another one in a nearby larger city since there aren't many here and just to get another opinion.

I was so depressed about my derm appointment b/c now it felt like I was going to be dealing with this for the rest of my life and there was no way out.

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