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Cured body acne with cold water and light therapy

Is your body acne better after a trip to the beach?  

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  1. 1. Is your body acne better after a trip to the beach?

    • Improved after the beach
    • Worse after the beach
    • No change

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So I’ve had acne from the ages of 16 to 30, and found some success with benzoyl peroxide soaps, and nothing but stomach troubles from two different kinds of antibiotics. Anyway, I noticed my skin would dramatically improve during the week or two I spent at the beach every summer. Something about the cool water and sunlight.

So I did some research and figured out that both using cold water and light have great track records at clearing up skin. Here’s a blog post explaining the idea behind cold showers for acne control: http://supernaturalacnetreatment.com/acne-clearing-secret-cold-showers/ Essentially, hot water increases sebum production, dries out the skin, and opens the pores to bacteria. I typically turn the dial all the way cold in the summer and most of the way cold in the winter. On the rare occasions where my house is too cold and I take a hot shower, I notice major breakouts the next day, all over my body!

Since sun tanning isn’t available all year long and UV tanning beds are a major cause of skin cancer, I researched acne light devices that use red/blue light instead of UV. Here’s a blog post that explains the light therapy devices: http://www.lighttherapyreviews.net/acne-phototherapy-reviews-light-therapy/ Essentially, red light reduces inflammation and blue light kills bacteria. I got the second one in that link, as it has both red and blue light together. I use it for about 30 minutes per day after I take my cold shower (it’s a great way to warm up).

Anyway, I’ve read these forums for years and tried about everything recommended here, from apple cider vinegar to bath salts. Since I began doing cold water + light, I’ve been 90% acne free for 2 years! Thought I’d share!

Has anyone else had positive experience with the combination of cool water and light or even just being on the beach?

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