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Acne ruined my teenage life

Its Been 5 years & I am still suffering from acne 

I am extremely greatful that my acne isn't how it was 4 years ago. 8th grade I had the worst acne ever. It was cystic & it ruined my social life. I underwent many treatments from over the counter,  home remedies,  & professional prescriptions.  What had helped me immensely was getting monthly facials & using a cream I got from a family member from Colombia. Which included acne pills mixed in with the cream. As a freshman in high school my acne disappeared until summer came by and once again I was back to the stressful mess. Once junior year came by I was dealing with dark spots. & still am.  My skin has improved so much but I just want to finish this acne journey. I am extremely self conscious! Im always depressed because as a girl it's like why can't I have clear skin like her .I wonder how beautiful I would look if I had clear skin. All the opportunities I passed up because of this big major insecurities! My parents never had skin issues but why do I have to deal with this? I have social anxiety just to talk to somebody because I feel like my acne is just screaming out to them. Even tho I am always being called beautiful it's so hard to believe. I don't feel good enough at all. Sometimes I want to end my life. Just to get out of this ugly appearance of acne. I currently use neutrogena naturals facial cleanser, Simple facial toner , aveeno targeted tone corrector & pomada pena also queen Helene's mint julep mask . I use the cleanser , toner and aveeno everyday. The mask I use once a week & the acne treatment every 2 days. Its very strong. I am considering birth control .I just want to get rid of my acne. I can't stand it. Does anyone feel just like me totally helpless. At times I feel like this will be me forever. I want to use makeup but for a fact it makes my acne worse. I just want to feel pretty again.
I mainly get dark spots on my cheeks and they never go away it takes liee the whole year to leave I don't even pop my pimple on my cheek & it still makes a mark.. I get dark spots on the side of my face. I use to never get acnce on my chin now I am. My for head only gets little bumps of acne. I'm tired of this all. My nose is bombarded with black heads. Like can I just have clear skin. Sorry just had to speak it out. Tired of staying shut and tired of people saying it's just puperty. Or it'll go away. 


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