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Just for a bit of background, I've recently joined on here and I am 15. I've suffered from moderate acne for a couple of years now. There was a stage when my acne was pretty bad but this was helped when I used Duac Gel regularly. I was still left with spots but there was a respectable improvement.

My skin stabilised at a bearable level until I received a noticeable dark mark/acne scar right in the centre of my nose. It pained me and to an extent still pains me. This mark has stayed on my skin for over a year now and has only faded minimally.

Recently, I spontaneously decided to use a coarse towel/washcloth to exfoliate my skin intensely. Of course, I focused on the mark on my nose. 

The way I scrubbed my skin with the towel caused mild burns but those will go in 1 or 2 days. Most importantly, is that I've realised this method has begun to strip away the mark. Who thought such a cheap, simple method could make the biggest difference out of all those expensive yet popular brands?

Yes, the focus of this post was to inform you that if you have acne scarring/marks you should try exfoliating with a rough towel. As well as this, I just want to say I completely understand your pain if you've got an acne scar. If you're in a similar situation to me, I'm sure you'd agree it deflates you 10X more than an ordinary pimple. Just keep at it and try this method. It'd be great to hear if this helps any of you: 

Anyway, this has dragged on a bit now so good luck everyone! Keep smiling :)


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