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I beat acne! This is how!

First off, I know the pain of acne, as you can see in the photo I've posted. I was real depressed, didn't leave the house for days on the end often, tried everything (so I thought), and what angered me and still angers me is all the bullsh*t out there about acne. I'm here to give back as much as I can to help others because I know the pain first hand!

Anyway long story short, I used ISOTRETINOIN!

I did 10mg/day for roughly 2months, my skin dried out and I had some improvement (~30% improvement imo). After that, I had a 2-3 week break, then did 20mg/day for 1 month. This is where I saw major improvements. It wasn't until about 1 month after I stopped using Isotretinoin that I my skin became extremely clear.

I still have some acne scaring (not really much at all) but my life has been dramatically improved anyway!

This took place two years ago and since then my skin has been basically acne free. I'm 22 now, so I think I've grown out of it a lot more.

**This may not work for everyone, individual results will vary, but this worked wonders for me and changed my life. There are some side effects that you should research before taking this, but I experienced very little side-effects, apart from dry face/lips, which just means the Isotretinoin is working. However, you might not be as fortunate, do thorough research yourself like I did before taking it, weigh up the pro's and con's and make an educated decision. If you start feeling sick, go and see a doctor.**

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So you took it for 3 months? nice results

Yes 3 months, I did have a 2-3 week break between using the 10mg capsules and 20mg capsules though.
During the whole time that I was using it, I also stopped drinking, went to gym every day, ate very healthy and drank heaps of water. 
I heard that Isotretinoin can be dangerous so I figured I'd try and be as healthy as possible while on it, I didn't suffer any of major side-effects, only slight depression, but I was already depressed at that time anyway.
After hearing other peoples experiences with accutane I think I was very fortunate to have such good results in 3 months though.

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