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Riley K.

Natural alternatives to Spiro & BC??

I have been combating my moderate acne for about 3 years now using a combination of Yasmine birth control and 25mg of Spiro. This combination worked beautifully when I first started taking it and I thought (at the time) I had found the holy grail of acne products. Fast forward 2 1/2 years, the spiro has completely stopped working. My acne has come back in full force and from what I can tell, it is actually worse than it was before. I tried upping the dosage to 50mg, then 100mg and still nothing happened. After trying literally EVERYTHING to treat my acne, my derm finally suggested I go on Accutane. While I am not opposed to this idea (seeing as how fed up I am with my skin), however, I would like to try some other natural options before I result to such a harsh drug. If anyone has any suggestions/tips on what has worked for them, it would be greatly appreciated! 
A little about my lifestyle: 
-I am a very health conscious vegan, and have been for a year now. 
-I live a very active lifestyle and get adequate exercise every day. 
-I am 20 years old
-I am still on BC, but stopped taking the spiro 
-I eat a diet very low in sugar and very high in vegetables, whole grains, and water
-I have combination oily skin (though it tends to be on the more "normal" side than oily)
-I am currently trying a concoction of Good N' Naturals "Zinc for Acne", 1000mg of Evening Primrose Oil, and 2 cups of Spearmint tea per day to try and see if that makes a difference in my skin. 
-Also, I tried B5 + L-Cartanine for a while and saw no improvement in my skin
Has anyone tried any of these alternatives and seen success? Better yet, has anyone tried these products after both BC and Spiro failed?? Thanks!

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