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So basically I've had acne since I was 13. From ages 13 to 18 ive had severe acne and it has been complete hell. My face was starting to develop deep pitted scars and I was desperately searching for a solution. After trying everything my doctor put me on accutane when I started college. It permenatly got rid of my Bacne but my face acne eventually came back. I'm 21 now and my face acne is at its worse. I'm not going to lie, acne has completely ruined my life, I have absolutely no social life anymore. I left my girlfriend,  best friends, specifically because of the several deep pimples on my face. It's gotten to a point where I can't even look at my face in the mirror without getting angry and trying to punch a wall. Needless to say I'm sick of acne :/. So last week I came across a post on this site on urine therapy. It seemed legit because there was 400 + good reviews on it. Since I had nothing else to lose I thought I would give it a try. So pretty much I would apply urine on my face for 20 minutes and wash it off when it drys off. I would do this three times a day: morning evening and night. To my surprise it actually started to work! After just a week of urine therapy My face color was returning to normal it a lot of my pimples were disappearing. However, I was still getting minor breakouts around my face. Frustrated and desperate I decided to drink my own urine two days ago. I know I know it's disgusting but never underestimate desperation haha. I drank about a cup a day and to my horror I woke up today with a HUGE breakout. I think I might've gotten about 10 new pimples overnight. i don't know if I should just stop this whole  urine therapy/ urine drinking thing and just turn to God or something lol. I'm at a point where I would do anything to end this acne. What do you guys think? Any feedback is helpful

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Actually I've heard about this before. I don't think she/he's trolling. I heard blood and urine help with acne but I feel so weird trying it so nah :P

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Definitely not trolling. Unfortunately. I've heard of this before, there actually have been documentaries on people doing it to cure all kinds of different diseases, claiming it's the holy grail of medicine.

Anyway... the "science" behind putting urine on your face is actually not completely bogus, but it's highly twisted. There's a naturally occurring compound in urine called Urea which is widely used in the cosmetic industry because it is proven to promote skin hydration. Topically!!
AND it is produced in lab conditions from synthetic chemicals. Creams and products containing urea also don't contain all the other toxic [email protected]#t that your urine does.

Kids, reading this: DO NOT DRINK YOUR URINE! PLEASE!! Do not put it on your face either! 
It is literally the toxic waste product of your body that needs to be eliminated. Drinking it can cause dangerous health conditions related to toxins and potential bacteria that grows once the urine is outside your body. There are safer and better options out there.

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