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Zinc Oxide #1 THING TO USE

Okay so ive had about a year long struggle with acne. First i thought it was just a petty breakout then for a month i just realized... i had acne. Tried so many things from all the products (brands like neutrogena , clearasil , clean n clear, st ives) none of these things. I REPEAT none of them will probbaly ever get rid of acne. Ive learned those products are more geared to people already with pretty clear faces that just have a few pimples or whatever. Well this past summer i started going mainly to the natural methods. (lemon and sugar , Milk and honey , potato rub on face , Green tea on face , and tomatoe. ) funny thing is i saw improvement with all of these but never clear. After a while i decided that i should do caveman. Wow it really helped but still not clear. Funny thing is. My pimples and cyst were gone BUT i got left with red marks on cheeks , forehead temples and blackheads on nose.
``So this past week i found a sunscreen in my house with zinc oxide. i looked it up because i know zinc is actually good for acne and it says people actually use that and it worked for hyperpigmentation and red marks and scars or pimples. Pretty much everything. okay so after i out it on overnight i saw a lot of improvement. i did some more searching and also found that diaper rash cream is EVEN BETTER because of zinc oxide. i remeber seeing it found it (probably from my siblings when they were younger) but its called "Balmex" it says it active ingredient is "Zinc Oxide 11.4%" less than the sunscreen but the sunscreen has other  inactive ingrdients thats proabbly hindering my face. and on that note it has no inactive ingredients EXCEPT ALOE and VITAMIN E . BOTH NON INFLAMMATORY AND GOOD FOR ACNE. its been about 3 full  days since using it overnight and my hyperpigmentation has faded DRASTICALLY.  noticing how less red it is is amazing. i plan on using it during the day after i wake up taking it off from the morning and then applying it again. USE IT OVERNIGHT. Just rub a little amount over your hyperpigmentaltion or pimples a little squeeze is enough for one area . i am also going to use it during the day but i can only do this over the weekend since school but i saw on another post it can help it even more by doing that.
I am also taking vitamin D3 and a multivitamin . BTW where to find diaper rash cream look in the baby aisle in any store or pharmacy. you may not find balmex but for any you do find look at ingredients and the Zinc Oxide % to compare it and find the best one for your face. it also cost less than $5 usually.
this is for anyone struggling with acne.

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