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Please help with my spots and marks

How bad are my spots and scarring? 
Currently i dont do anything to treat my spots other than drink a lot of water, exercise, have a relatively healthy diet and wash my face with hot water 2/3 times a day. I also moisturise to try help with my dry skin.
What should i do in addition to help with my spots and marks?

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You are doing some great lifestyle things so keep it up!  Hot water is damaging to the skin so use luke warm water.  Also1-2 times a day is the mex you should be washing.  Your acne looks very inflammatory so recommend seeing dermatologist as it has the potential to scar which costs tons of money to fix.  You could also look into holsitic skincare.  Check out the diet and nutrition for tips on that.

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First, hot water will damage you skin and make it more inflamed, so just use warm water. Also, to calm down your skin, I suggest using an ice cube, aloe vera gel or things like that. As for your scarring, make sure not to pick at it, wear sunscreen to make sure that it won't get worse. You could also use lightening products or exfoliation to get rid of it. Remember to use gentle cleansers on your skin. Your diet and lifestyle are great, so keep that up! You should probably go to the dermatologist if my tips don't work, it could be something to do with the climate or something that is triggering it. Hoped this helped!

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