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Girls with severe scarring, do you feel scared of being cheated on? (pics included)

I'm 34 and left with horrible scars after acne into adulthood. Even just this year, I've had a few more new scars.

I'm about to marry my boyfriend of two years, who is also 10 years younger than me. This has brought immense pressure upon me as previously I managed to will myself into self-denial and managed to close one eye to my scars. Also, I've never had a boyfriend for long and never really felt the pressure to look good.

As the wedding day draws closer, I am slipping into depression.
1. I feel ugly for the day;
2. I'm worried that my bf/husband will find me ugly as time goes by, he gets older and younger girls look even more appealing;
3. I'm now getting wrinkles while my scars are yet to heal, which means I AM getting uglier;
4. When I go through the forums for treatment ideas, and everyone is talking about their horrible/severe scars, I see that mine are actually way worse than theirs. I've grown so used to my scars I think nothing of them, but other people's own reflections remind me that it's really not normal to have scars like mine.

Anyone with happy stories of girls with severe scarring and happily married?








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The issue should not be whether or not your boyfriend finds you ugly or will cheat.  The issue should be how you feel about yourself and what you will tolerate.  As a current acne sufferer who has poor self esteem, i have learned that it is not the job of others to make us feel happy.  They can enrich our lives and bring us additional joy but happiness has to come from within.  You have self esteem issues and as an acne sufferer, i can relate.  Your insecurities have the ability to ruin your relationship so please look into talking with someone about building yourself up.  That fear will never go away if you don't address the deeper issue of self love and self acceptance.  Also, one persons happy tale of happily ever after is not your own.

Good luck with everything and congrats!

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You don't have to worry about your scars with your future husband Hon.  He wouldn't have asked you to get married if he thought you looked like how you feel you do.   I had scars when I got married, then I went for laser resurfacing and got a lot more 8 yrs ago from it. .  I'm married 37 yrs.  He says he doesn't see my scars yet their all over with huge dents from fat loss now, I know how you feel about the wedding since you'll be the center of attention.. .  No one is perfect Hon.  Just be you and have a good time.  People who will be there already know what you look like so no worries.  Congrats on finding a wonderful guy who loves you the way you are.  Trust me, we all get older and get wrinkles, sun damage, too fat, too thin, less hair  etc.   Would you love him any less if he had them?  I don't think so.  So put on your wedding dress with a smile and think of the guy your marrying and don't worry about your skin.  It's not the way you see it, no way is it horrible.  Congrats again!!       

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